Megaroller’s unique Multisteer conveyor belt steering frames are the key to effective conveyor belt management

Designed to reduce movement on the belt and prevent misalignment, Megaroller Multisteer Steering Frames extend the longevity of conveyor belts and minimize idler damage. Frames are produced using quality materials, according to strict manufacturing standards for superior performance and longevity.

Frames are fitted with Megaroller Impact rollers to absorb the impact of large loads falling onto the conveyor and prevent damage. A pivot mechanism is sensitive and reactive to weight distribution, ensuring that weight is distributed evenly on the belt.

Advantages of the Multisteer Frame

• Designed and tested to operate in the hostile environments of the mining industry
• Prevents belt misalignment without the need for side guide rollers which are often the cause of belt edge damage
• Require no maintenance as the multiple pivot mechanism is greased and sealed for life
• Made from high quality materials for a long lifespan
• Reduces damage to conveyor belts caused by misalignment
• Ensure even, centered distribution of weight on the belt
• Prevents structural damage to rollers
• Prevents material spillage