Megahybrid Rollers are made from mild steel conveyor tubing for maximum strength. Megaroller’s patented Sealing Arrangement allows these rollers to be used in extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.


Anti- Run-Back

Our Anti- Run-Back Technology can be applied to incline belts to prevent the belt from running back in the event of a “belt-snap”. Rollers are fitted with Megaroller’s patented Sealing Arrangement as well as a roller brake system which ensures that the roller can only run in one direction.



Our innovative Anti-Static Technology, comprising of a copper strip inside the roller that connects the outer shell to the shaft, can be applied to the Megaroller Hybrid Rollers. Static electricity is earthed inside the roller to mitigate the risk of an open spark in methane-rich underground mines, which presents a major fire hazard in cole and gold mines.



The roller utilizes Megaroller’s innovative Anti-Seize Technology, comprising a side flinger which remains static while the roller is running. This protects the sealing arrangement against any spillage that could get lodged between the shaft and the roller’s side face. It is specifically suggested for dusty environments, like cement factories and crusher plants.