Megaroller Hybrid Rollers are unique combination steel / high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conveyor rollers.

Incorporating Megaroller’s proven Sealing Arrangement, and patented HDPE Bearing and Seal Housing in a standard steel conveyer tube, the Megahybrid Roller provides the desired attributes of steel rollers, without the negative characteristics of a steel-based bearing housing.

Megaroller Hybrid Rollers offer the benefits of a conventional steel roller in applications where HDPE rollers are not recommended. With advanced applications to prevent static and conveyer roll-backs, Megahybrid Rollers have been shown to continually outperform conventional steel rollers. Megaroller Hybrid Rollers are lubricated for life , eliminating the need to lubricate at user level.

Available in these application variations:

Anti– Run-Back
• Anti-Static

Advantages of the Megaroller Hybrid

• Lower noise level
• Longer lifespan than all-steel rollers
• Lighter than a conventional steel roller
• Megaroller design and assembly eliminate bearing misalignment
• Most effective bearing protection and sealing arrangement available in the conveyor industry
• Extends the lifespan of bearings
• Bearing housing is recyclable
• Bearing housing cannot cause any damage to the conveyer belt in the event of a bearing failure or if the roller stops rotating
• Lowers maintenance costs
• Competitive pricing
• Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
• Performs well in harsh weather and extreme applications