Megaroller’s Impact and Rubber Disc Return Rollers absorb the impact of large loads of ore falling onto conveyor belts to prevent damage

This range of rollers incorporates Megaroller’s proven Sealing Arrangement, and patented high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Bearing and Seal Housing, to deliver strength and durability in hard-working conveyor systems.

Impact rollers are covered with a series of rubber rings of adequate thickness and comprise a robust Bearing Housing made from HDPE which is revered for its high resistance to wear by abrasion; fire retardant characteristics; low friction co-efficiency; ability to absorb high impact forces; and high melting point.

Megaroller Impact Rollers are lubricated for life , eliminating the need to lubricate at user level.

Advantages of the Impact Roller

• Lower noise level
• Absorbs the impact imposed by the force of loads falling onto the belt
• Minimises damage to the belt
• Megaroller design and assembly eliminate bearing misalignment
• Features the most effective bearing protection and sealing arrangement available in the conveyor industry
• Extends the lifespan of bearings
• Bearing housing is recyclable
• Bearing housing cannot cause any damage to the conveyer belt in the event of a bearing failure or if the roller stops rotating
• Lowers maintenance costs
• Competitive pricing
• Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
• Performs well in harsh weather and extreme applications